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‘I love furniture. I love decoration. I love the way a piece of furniture can speak volumes about its owner. That first glimpse of someone’s personality when you enter a home.’

‘I have a passion for tables. A table is at the heart of everything. Everyone gathers around a table. A table gathers an incredible aura over the years. I like to feel it has lived many stories. The objective is not to bring it back to perfection but to allow it to show its personality.’

‘The best pieces are the unobvious treasures. You need to see through the grime, the add ons, the problems, the accumulation of revamps it may have gone through over the years, and see the potential.’

~ Amanda Paterson, VerdeGris ~



Amanda Paterson was brought up in Kent in the UK and has a degree in French and Spanish from Exeter University. She worked in the European Commission and European Parliament in Brussels before moving to Barcelona with her husband and children. Amanda saw her move to Barcelona as an opportunity to escape office life and invest in her passion for furniture restoration. After spending a few years at the Escola de Restauració d’Antiguitats (ERA) Amanda launched VerdeGris, which is located at Mercantic in Sant Cugat.

‘Amanda has a knack for making something beautiful out of old furniture. For me, older pieces are much more exciting than contemporary ones – they are always well-made and emit the unmatched character that comes with age and wear. I absolutely love going to Amanda’s shop in Mercantic. It is full of little treasures.’

~ Heidi ~


‘Working within Mercantic has been an interesting experience. It is a centre of reference in the area for antiques and decor of all styles and as such attracts a very diverse clientele, varied in taste, nationality, appreciation and budget. You get to see very culturally defined attitudes to furniture appeal and purchase. A Sunday morning in Mercantic is always colourful.’

~ Amanda Paterson, VerdeGris ~



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